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25 objetos

This project consisted of taking 25 selected items from my place and introduce them into a bookstore in colonia Roma, Mexico City. The idea came after my wanderings at night, the year was 2012; a dim light coming out of a solitary place caught my eye so I went in and looked around, the place was called Libros con experiencia. I felt like I was inside my grandfather´s living room: cozy, old, with wooden floors, walls, and ceiling. The owner and I instantly clicked and I asked if I could make use of her space, she said yes and her only condition was for me to look after the book store for the next two weeks. Perfect for me. I introduced 25 items from my collection, I wanted them to blend with the books, to create landscapes out of words and figurines, embroideries. I also introduced books from my collection and altered ones. I recreated my grandfather´s home and invited my friends to join me and explore. The opening was warm and homey. 

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