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no pasar

no pasar is a series of large scale embroideries inspired by the impossibility of approach and ownership. 

I decided to appropriate a space that had been in my mind for years, a vacant lot in my neighborhood. I talked to the neighbors and reached the man in charge of it, he was very enthusiastic about my project and supported me. 

The place denoted absence and the chosen pieces refer to an invisible barrier and restriction. I created them during the pandemic, when domestic and private space became so important for everybody; temporarily my pieces inhabited it. 

The happening took place on February 18th, 2023. The place has now been torn down and a building is built over it. 

DSCF1960-Enhancedb (2).jpg

The Garden of Disappearances.

Reality was a dream


Cross stitched embroidery

60 x 50 cms. 

_MG_2868 copy.jpg

La excitación de la huida


Cross stitched embroidery

60x 25 cms. 

Isn't the most invisible, the most dangerous?


Cross stitched embroidery

50 x 35 cms. 

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