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Lot lizards

Esta necesidad de irse lejos, tan lejos, que uno deja de ser...

(This need to go far away, so far, that one ceases to be...)

As a child I went on long journeys by car with my parents and sister. I used to wonder about the trailer trucks a lot, specially about those rest stations where drivers take breaks from their extended hours behind the wheel; I pictured these places as bleak, hostile, and invisible, but at the same time attractive and sexual. As I grew up and these trips became less frequent, I had developed an imaginary escenario around highways, drivers, and their trucks. As a teenager I read the book "sarah" by J.T. Leroy which tells the story of a lot lizard (slang referring to prostitutes in rest areas), and her misfortunes, it brought me back to those days. Additionally, an uncle died from a crash accident: on his way back from Laredo, a trailer truck smashed against his car and he was instantly killed; each time we passed by the point where this happened, my father would point on the cross and mention it. 

As a tribute to those memories and to settle my present romantic fixation with trailer trucks and their drivers, I created a series of pieces consisting of 90s posters and LED lights, all in front of idyllic landscapes as opposed to the routes they usually move about. I presented them at a dive bar in Mexico City, El Micky. 

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